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Yuengling Amber Lager Clone

Monday, February 13, 2006

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This week's recipes is a Yuengling Clone. Yuengling calls itself America's oldest brewery and is located here in Pennsylvania. I had the pleasure of touring the brewery in 2001 and it was excellent. Yuengling makes several products and this recipe is from is for the Amber Lager.

Notes About The Recipe

This recipes calls for rice. I know for a fact that Yuengling uses corn grits. Yes, corn grits, the kind that you can buy at the grocery store. I have used corn grits it recipes and I know that they can cause boil overs. So, after the malt begins to boil, slowly add the corn grits and stir to keep them from settling to the bottom of the pot.

Name Yuengling Clone

Description Lager Clone

Added by bsummers12

Date Submitted Fri, 23 Nov 2001 01:07 PM (GMT)

  • 4.5 lbs Laaglander Light Malt Extract
  • 1 lb Rice
  • 1 lb Cara-pils
  • .5 lb Crystal Malt
  • 1 oz Northern Brewer hops (60 mins)
  • 1/3 oz Tettnanger (10 mins)
  • 1/5 oz Saaz (5 mins)
  • California Lager 2112 yeast
Steep grains in 1 gallon water at 158 degrees for 1/2 hour. Remove grains. Add DME and rice solids. Boil 1 hour adding hops at times listed above. Cool wort and pitch yeast.

Style Lager

Recipe Type Partial Mash

Batch Size 5 US gallons

Original Gravity 1.047

Final Gravity 1.012

Boiling Time 60 mins

Primary Fermentation Plastic, 7 days @ 68 degrees

Secondary Fermentation Glass, 14 days @ 65 degrees

Other Specifics 22 IBU's 4.7% AC

Best after aging in bottle in a cool place 1 month.


Jamie said...

I tried replicating this recipe including the grits and ran into some problems. I know this is an old post, but if anyone runs into this please post a response.

I went to rack it to a keg a couple nights ago and found that 1/3
of the volume of the 5gal batch had gelatinized into this undulating mass of
yellow stuff... I have been lagering at 34-35deg for a couple of weeks but
still in the primary fermenter. Was this my mistake of not racking to secondary
while the temp was warmer? I have a feeling that the blob is from the Quaker
instant grits that I added to the boil. I filtered most of it out when it went
into the fermenter, but i think a lot of it came out of solution in the cold

I've lost 1/3 of my volume so I'm a little bummed, and I'm sure I sucked up a
bunch of it in the siphon transfer, so i'll have to rack again before
carbonating and serving.

I would like to make this recipe again, so any advice on this subject would be

Anonymous said...

I would say go ahead and try this recipe again, instead of the using the grits and all, try using rice extract. So just do the normal steeping. Now boil as normal, but add the rice extract as a late boil addition. As far as lagering it..... I may be crazy but, when I have made this I took I believe pilsen lager yeast and brewed it @ room temp. This is against most anything I read, but it worked out really well, and was a huge hit at my house on tap.

Unknown said...

hey jamie i believe with this recipe the fermentation process is supposed to take place at 58-68°F

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