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Building A Grape Trellis

Friday, March 09, 2007

This is a rare Friday post, well actually it is suppose to be yesterday's post. We are in the process of prepacking for a move in a couple of months, so I spent most of my time working on that. I never really knew that I had so many wine and beer bottles laying around the house. So, I filled a bunch of them and will be giving them to my work buds.

I researched quite a few sites and this site from Iowa State is the best one. It is 64 pages long, in PDF format and has lots of pictures. This is the one I would recommend that you read.

If you just want the general idea of a trellis, this little excerpt from the Mother Earth News, sums it up.

Trellis the grapes on a three-wire trellis. Sink 8-foot-long posts 2 feet deep at the end of each row and at 24-foot intervals within each row. That will give you four posts per row. Between the wooden posts, sink 8-foot-long steel fence posts 2 feet deep at 8-foot intervals. Along your 72-foot row you will have a total of four 6-foot-tall wooden posts and six 6-foot-tall steel fence posts. Tightly stretch 13-gauge wire at 40, 52 and 64 inches above the ground. Secure the end posts with earth anchors—large screws with rings on top, twisted into the ground with a bar.

Either one of these articles is worth the read.


C. Michael Arnold said...

Thanks for that link. We just planted 8 or 9 new grapevines and are considering trellising a couple of them. The rest are with arbors. We are preparing to bottle our first batch of homemade wine from some Himrod grapes. I'm also bottling some tomato wine soon, so that should be interesting! When we first fell in love with wine in Florence, Italy back in college, I didn't imagine having our own grapevines and having homemade wine! - Michael Arnold, Eugene / Creswell, Oregon


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