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Krausening Home Brewed Beer

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

In a brewery, krausening would be done with fresh wort taken from the most recent batch made. For the homebrewer, Krausening is most often done with a small amount of wort made from dry malt extract. Alternately you can use a fresh batch of wort or keep some wort in a sterile container in the refrigerator from your last batch.

A key question is how much wort to use for proper carbonation? A good rule of thumb is that you should add enough wort to raise the gravity of the beer three points. For simplicty you can try the following formula from the Home Brewing Wiki:

Quarts_of_wort = (12 x Gallons_of_beer) / ((Specific_gravity_wort – 1.0) * 1000)

For example, if the krausening addition of wort (also called gyle) has a specific gravity of 1.060, and we’re krausening 5 gallons of beer, the result would be (12 x 5)/((1.060-1)*1000) which works out to exactly one quart of wort we add at bottling.

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