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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was busy working on a blog post last Friday, when I heard a large thud outside my door. Not knowing if it was two cars colliding or a someone falling on my steps, I got up to take a look. To my surprise, my copy of Wine had arrived. Wine is published by Langenschedit Publishing Group.

Wine Book

This book is awesome!!! A huge 928 pages full of wine info from around the world. Very well written, but what struck me the most was the maps and pictures. They are just plain excellent.


The tips are very informative and will really help those just starting out in the wonderful world of wine.


Here's a little more from the publisher:
This abundantly illustrated book is an atlas, reference work and buying guide to the world of wine. Following a classic organization, readers are introduced to the history of wine, wine production, wine cellars and the enjoyment of wine. The reader is then invited on a journey through all the wine growing countries and regions of the world. Expert authors introduce each area, illustrated with detailed maps, including Canada, Japan and China. Newcomers to the passion of wine will find Wine an invaluable resource to deciphering the vast wine offerings around the world while wine aficionados will savor browsing through this gorgeous volume and discovering new wines and regions.


  • More than 1,200 full-color illustrations and photographs

  • 150 detailed maps of the world’s wine growing countries and regions

  • Numerous producer tips that convey highly useful recommendations

  • Updated select producers, tables, maps and photographs

  • New and extensive information on southern and eastern Europe and the new European countries

  • Information on new wine growing countries and areas around the world

If you need to find a present for that special wine person, this should be the present that you buy.

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