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Yeast Culturing From Bottles

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have you ever thought of cloning your favorite beer's yeast? Personally, I have never given it a thought but I had a reader ask me I knew how to culture yeast from a bottle. I found this article from Brew Your Own and it explains it better than I could. Enjoy.

Yeast Culturing from Bottles: Techniques Sep, 2005
by Chris Colby

Not every yeast strain is available at your local homebrew shop. For some, you need to hit the bottle. Everything you need to know about how to round-up yeast from a bottle-conditioned beer.

A wide variety of brewers yeasts are available to homebrewers these days. But sometimes the particular strain you want isn’t commercially available. However, it might be possible to culture it from a bottle-conditioned beer.

Most commercial beers are filtered, and some are flash pasteurized, before bottling and do not contain yeast. However, some brewers bottle-condition some of their beers. Often, the brewer will advertise this fact on the label of those products. If not, the tell-tale layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle indicates a bottle conditioned beer.

Keep in mind, however, that some brewers use a different strain of yeast for bottle conditioning than they do for primary fermentation. The yeast on the bottom of most Bavarian hefeweizens, for example, is a standard lager strain. Franziskaner, for example, is bottled with a bottling strain, not a hefeweizen strain. One exception to this rule is Schneider Weisse, which evidence suggests is bottled with its fermentation strain. British bottle-conditioned beers, more often than not, are conditioned with their fermentation strain. To give one example, Fuller’s 1845 reputedly is conditioned with its fermentation strain.

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