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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I was browsing through my Bloglines account and found this article.  Thought that it would be nice to share, since it catches the essence of homebrewing.  That being making better beer.  Of course that is why we make our own wine.  To make better wine.
Stop back on Thursday for the second part of the Wine Grapes Series.

Blogs abuzz about beer

Friday, June 23, 2006

NEW YORK — Microbrews share more than a few similarities with bands. They're both found in bars all over the world, identifiable by label and genre, and often subject to illogical devotion.

Jeff Chiu
(photo credit)

Beer blogger Jay Hinman downs a Blue Moon Wheat beer at the Valley Tavern in San Francisco.

It only makes sense that the blogosphere is starting to buzz about beer in the same way it has about music.

"For 95 percent of people, it's 'gimme the Budweiser,'" said Jay Hinman, beerkeep at the Hedonist Beer Jive blog. "But for the 5 percent who are a little more intense about it, this will be a really cool resource."

If there's one thing that blogs do best, it's cater to niche markets. In the case of craft beer, however, niche is a bit of a misnomer — the industry moved almost 7 million barrels last year and generated $4.3 billion in retail sales, according to the Brewers Association. And that's just the 1,370 breweries operating in America. Throw in the international market and the 450 different kinds of Belgian beers, and this niche becomes an 11-digit industry.

Yet, compared to music and culture blogs, the lager-blogger movement is just a drop in the steinzeugkrug. As more sudspundits (yes, that's a site) take to the net, their opinions just might change the way some of us buy beer.


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