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Wine and Beer Vacation

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's a wine and beer vacation? Well for me, it is taking the next 3 weeks off from blogging to slow down, drink some wine and beer and enjoy the Holiday season. After 14 months of writing articles, I'm pretty well spent. It also doesn't help that I'm working 60 -70 hours a week and my wife is going through chemotherapy.

I do plan on working on some new articles and such, but won't post them until the new year. So, I'll see you next year.

Enjoy your holidays.

Give generously to those less fortunate.

P.S. - Here are some links to some interesting articles.

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With the multitude of stories in the news about people who have received multiple DUIs, the increased police and legal crackdowns on drunk drivers, and the horror stories of alcohol-related fatalities it seems to me that you and other wine lovers (and wine tasters) need to get your message out to more people. Let people know that drinking wine in moderation has been shown to have many health benefits. Spread the news about the fun and good times you have experienced with wine drinking and wine tasting :-)


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