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4 Tips on Making Your First Wine

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Making your first wine can either be a pleasure or a chore. Here are 4 tips to make your first winemaking experience a pleasure.

Use Juice - forget about crushing grapes or any other fruit, buy juice instead. Frozen Welch's works great because it has no preservatives.

Start Small - Don't decide to make a large batch of wine at one time. Instead work at making a gallon or two. Small batches are easy to make and clean up. Besides, making a lot of 1 gallon batches gets you more experience instead of 1 large batch.

Use Kitchenware - Instead of going out and buying tons of new equipment, use kitchenware instead. A new trash can makes a great fermenter. Just make sure it's new, clean and sanitized. Plastic spoons, measuring cups, and measuring spoons can be easily found in most kitchens and will keep your expenses down.

Have Patience - It takes about 4 months before you can even think about drinking your wine. So kick back and wait. Most new wine after a month will taste pretty raw and nasty, so don't rush it.

There 4 tips on making your first winemaking experience a pleasure instead of a chore.

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Anonymous said...

Good tips, i've just done my top 5 tips for wine making at my site

I think you're probably a little more advanced than where I'm at - so i'll take these on board with my next batch!

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