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What Happens When

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Happens When .... Will be a monthly series on how to fix things after things have gone wrong. For example, your fermentation is stuck, so what do you do to fix it?

This month's post is about What Happens When your spouse dies and the house you both lived in is sold. Or, in otherwords, why I haven't posted much during the summer months.

First, a little background. My wife and I had been married for 13 years and were planning on moving to another part of Pennsylvania. We cleaned out the attic and basement in April of this year. It just so happens that she was also battling cancer during this time. At the end of May, she went home to the Lord. Most of June was spent dealing with funeral, family, and friends. Handling the grieving process and tending to final expenses.

Then, at the end of June the house we had lived in was sold and I needed to move by the end of July. First there was the search of finding a place. Then moving from a house to an apartment while working about 40 hours a week. Talk about being stressed.

Finally, at the end of August my routine became a little more normal.

That's when I decided to get back to posting articles. I have spent a little time writing articles for future postings. The one thing that I really learned was that a bank of articles will help during those times when life is upside down.

Thanks for your patience during these past few months. Next month's What Happens When will be on a more blog related topic.



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