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Diabetic Strawberry Liqueur

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I have decided to experiment with an all natural sweetener called Stevia that basically has zero carbs and is a good substitute for those who are diabetic.

1 bottle of vodka (750 ml)
1 lb strawberries
12 packets Stevia

Cut the strawberries into small pieces and place into a crock or tupperware container

Add the Stevia and stir the berries

Cover and let stand for 6 to 7 hours

Add the vodka

Cover tightly and leave for 3-4 months, shaking (shake every day for first 2 weeks then once a month)

Strain into another bottle or strain as you pour the latter will add the interest of having the fruit in the bottle as you pour

For a Stevia conversion chart, check out Cooking With Stevia.



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