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Friday, March 21, 2008

This recipe is taken from
Victory Beer Recipes and makes 10 gallons.

17 pounds two-row pale malt
2 pounds Munich malt
1 Carapils malt

6 ounces crystal malt
1 ounce Perle hops - 60 minutes
3 ounces Saaz hops - 30 minutes
1 ounce Tettnanger hops - 12 minutes
1/2 teaspoon gypsum
Wyeast no 2206 liquid yeast

Boiling time 60 minutes
Primary fermentation 14 days at 49 degrees
Secondary fermentation 28 days at 49 degrees

Mash grains at 120 degrees, raise to 153 degrees, then to 165 degrees. sparge with 175 degree water. Force co2 to carbonate.


Thomas said...

Were the hops whole leaf or pellets, you don't mention which.

Ben said...

Tbe recipe uses pellets. Sorry I didn't specify.


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