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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yep, after a whole year blogging, I finally hit the 300 mark in posts.  Quite an achievement for someone who really did not like to write while in school.  In January, I thought that I would hit the 300 post mark in March, since I set such a lofty goal of 1000 posts for the year.  What a rude awakening.  Trying to do 3 posts a day was way too much, so I settled for once a day.  Even that was more than I could handle.  So, I settled for the Tuesday and Thursday routine and it seems to be working out.
I've learned a few things along the way.  Posting everyday or even 3 times a day made for some really sucky posts.  I've tried to do more "quality" and informative posts on the Tuesday/Thursday schedule and hopefully they have been.  I'm still in the learning process and would like to try and personalize more of the future posts.
Administratively, this thing is becoming a nightmare.  Trying to keep the recipe archives and the how to archives up to date is getting to be a mess.  So, I have started blogs just dedicated to those items.  In the future, when you want a recipe, you will be sent to the recipe blog.  The same with the how to's.  A re-design is in the works but I'm not quite sure when it will be implemented.
Lastly, I want to thank all of you that have stopped by, read a post, left a comment, etc. 
Now, off to the next 100 posts !!!  See you there !!!

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