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Making Wine Labels

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Your wine is bottled and cellared.   What other nice thing could you do?  Well, making your own labels comes to mind.   Making your own labels will allow you to get creative and have a lot of fun with your wine.


There are several programs available that you can use.  If you have Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Illustrator then you have a good start at making your  own labels.    Some other programs that you might be interested in are:




4th & Vine


Personally, I use Microsoft Publisher to layout my labels by using the grid function.  In most cases, you can do a 2 across and 2 down grid for wine labels for a standard wine bottle.  Smaller bottles, like 12 ounce beer bottles, a 2 across and 3 down is just about perfect.  Generally, I insert a picture into each portion of the grid and attach a text box with a description to it.  Then I use the group function and group the  picture and text box together.


Now, your ready to print. 


Here’s where you can have some fun.  You can experiment with different colored paper,  plain versus adhesive backed paper, or any other thing that you what to play with.  Personally, I just use regular 20 pound paper and mostly in white if my label has any color to it.  If I’m just printing in black, I’ll use a colored paper.   Here’s a good hint if you are doing colored labels.  If you are doing a lot of one kind, just make 1 good copy and take it to a place that can do colored copies.   Why, waste your ink, when you can pay just a little money to waste their ink.


After, you have your labels printed, then grab a glass of wine and start attaching your pieces of art.  I just use scotch tape along the long side of the label and try to make it look nice. 


That’s about it for making your own labels.  Bottom line is to experiment to get the look you like and have fun doing it.


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