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Thursday, November 09, 2006

This might sound like a paid advertisement, but I can assure you that it is not. Too bad, 'cuz I could use the cash. But, anyways, I was just browsing through my collection of Winemaker and Brew Your Own Magazines. I am amazed at the amount of information that I have obtained from reading these over the past 4 years

Each magazine has the Ask the Wizard section. This is where you can send in questions and the wizard will answer them. Actually, the wizard is an expert in the field and brings years of experience to answering the questions.

Also, each magazine usually has a few articles on how to do different techniques and the letters to the editor are just filled with tons of useful hints.

If you wish to subscribe to these magazines click on the pics.

I wish that I could write more, but we are celebrating Thanksgiving today because this is the only time everyone could get together. Really crazy here with kids and grandkids running around. A better post on Tuesday. I promise.




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