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Cranberry Wine Recipe

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crushin’ the net yesterday afternoon and stumbled on this recipe for Cranberry wine. Even though it is too late to enjoy it for this past holiday season, the cranberries are plentiful in the stores and now is the time to buy them. You can replace the Sultanas with golden raisins.

Cranberry Wine

  • Cranberries 1 lb
  • Water 1 Gallon
  • Sultanas (minced) 1.5 lb
  • Sugar 2 lb
  • Yeast
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Citric Acid 0.5 tsp

Place the minced sultanas in a fermenting bin and cover in 2 liters of boiling water. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the acid and allow to cool. Cover the cranberries with boiling water and crush all of the berries. Pour into the fermenting bin and allow to cool. Once cooled, add the pectic enzyme and stir well. Cover and leave to stand for 24 hours. Add the yeast and nutrient and stir well and then cover and move to a warm place to ferment. After 10 days, strain off into a carboy and fit a bung and airlock and then leave in a warm place to ferment out. Clear and bottle the wine as usual once fermentation has completed.

If you happen to have a bottle of cranberry wine, you might want to pair it with this recipe:

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Francey said...

Thanks for the recipe, however it needs some clarification. This is what I understand:

1.5 lbs raisens with 2 liters boiling water.
Add Citric Acid 1/2 tsp
Add 2 lb sugar
1 lb cranberries, minced, with 4 qts boiling water.
Cool. Mix into raisen mixture.
Add pectic enzyme and stand 24 hours (How much? and what is the pectic enzyme?)
Add yeast, (how much?)
Add Yeast Nutrient (how much?)
Ferment 10 days, Strain, Bung and ferment out. etc.

How did this particular recipe come out? Dry, sweet, good, bad ???? Please address comments to Francey Thanks


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