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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There must be a bite of truth in Darwin’s theory of evolution. Everything tends to evolve into something different and this blog is one of them.

I started this blog in October of 2005 with the purpose of providing information on how to make wine and beer. Being cheap, I started it on Blogger and started to post. Soon afterwards, I found Adsense and thought that I would soon be an “internet millionaire” by pasting ads all over the blog. Well, that didn’t happen, so things had to evolve.

In January 2006, I got the idea that posting 3 times a day will bring tons of traffic. Recipes and terminology began to appear as posts. Tons of posts but nothing that was top notch as far as article quality goes. So things had to evolve.

End of Spring 2006, I started to publish on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. First thing that really worked. I wasn’t burned out from posting, ideas came easier and articles had more quality content then the previous months. I got the bright idea of starting 2 new blogs. Beer Recipes being one that was dedicated to nothing but beer recipes and Wine Recipes dedicated to wine recipes. Publishing one post a week on Monday’s was also a workable idea for these two blogs. Life was good.

Fast forward to Fall 2006. New Blogger came out along with all of it’s neat features. What a great way to organize all the content on this blog. Just start a few more blogs and re-publish some content and get it organized. So suddenly, I had this blog along with 6 others to run, publish and maintain. Almost a full-time job to keep things up and running smoothly. A bit too much, so I decided to take a month off to enjoy life and re-think how I wanted to go with this.

December 2006, decided to start my own domain along with switching the software that is used for posting. Spent the last 2 weeks of December setting up the domain, tweaking the template and transferring a few posts. Currently, I am in the process of transferring some more posts to the new domain and plan to start posting on a regular basis beginning the last week of January.

So, what has this all evolved into? I’ll be keeping Beer Recipes and Wine Recipes as ongoing concerns and will continue posting to them every Monday. Making Homemade Beer, Making Homemade Wine, Beer Terms, and Wine Terms are all basically history. This blog, Making Homemade Wine and Beer is scheduled to continue till the end of May. It all really depends on how well the new Making Homemade Wine and Beer or as I call it MHWB dot com goes. I’ll be posting the same material on both until the end of May.

Also, I’ve decided that the posts on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will have the following format.

· Short article on wine or beer terminology.

· Wine or beer recipe along with a link to a food recipe. My attempt at pairing the drink with the food.

· Feature article

Today is sort of a sneak peek into the new format. This being the feature article. Hopefully this format is one that I’ll keep for a long while. If you have an questions, ideas or comments, please let me know.



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