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Burgundy Wine Recipe

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This was the first wine that I made using canned juice purchased from other than the grocery store. It took almost a year before it really mellowed out but it was worth the wait. Only wished that I had made more.


July 13 2003

Primary Fermentation was 7 Days



46 ounces

Alexander’s Burgundy Juice

4 cans


4 cups


2 Teaspoons

Yeast Nutrient

1 ½

Campden Tablets

1 Teaspoon

Acid Blend

½ Packet

Narbone Yeast

½ Packet

Pasteur Red Yeast

Original Gravity 1.10

Vinometer Reading 15%

Secondary Fermentation 6 weeks

Bottled in Gallon Jugs August 29, 2003 along with Oak Chips

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