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Guinness Clone Recipe

Thursday, February 01, 2007

This is probably the primary reason I got into homebrewing. With a case of Guinness, in my neck of the woods, costing around 35 bucks, it doesn't take a genius to fiqure out that it is cheaper to make your own. The original recipe is for an all-grain brewer, but I have listed the substitutions for the extract brewer.


7 pounds, Crushed pale malt

2 pounds, Flaked barley

1 pound, crushed roast barley

1 ounce, bullion hops

3 ounces, northern brewer hops

1 tsp. CaCO3 (if you are in a soft water area)

yeast starter made from a bottle of Guinness or a liquid yeast

OG: 1045-1053

Extract brewers: Substitute 2 cans of a light extract for the 7 pounds of pale malt. Also, if you don't want to make a yeast starter use Whitelabs Irish Ale yeast or Wyeast Irish Ale yeast.

I generally boil at 60 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes and add my hops in at those intervals. At the 15 minute mark, I also use Irish moss to help settle the solids.

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tkishkape said...

As a beer meister wannabe, I need to learn how to make the yeast startrt you speak of... how do I do it?

Anonymous said...

Traditionally you would use the very last of a bottle of Guinness and add sugar and some warm water to get the yeast going again. I have yet to try this tho.
The recipe I have from an old book says;
5lb crushed pale malt, 6 oz black malt cracked, 12 oz cracked roasted barley, 2 tbs barbados sugar, 2 oz bullion hops.
Mash at 149f for 3 hours, sparge. boil for 1 1/2 hours, adding hops when boiling. add yeast when cooled. brew until fermentation has finished and prime, leaving it in the bottle for at least 1 month, or a barrel for 2 weeks.

I must admit that i've only just begun at this tho...

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting recipe (especially the all-grain version). Can you tell me how many gallons or pints of guinness you would expect to yield from the recipe? Thanks

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