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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hey guys, sorry for not posting a beer technique this past Thursday.  I was spending my time getting the color of the blog back from that awful white.  That white background was like staring into the sun.  Gave me a headache just looking at it.  A complete black background is just as bad, at least for me.
Found a couple of neat items while browsing at Bloglines.   For those of you that would rather listen than to read try these two websites.
Looking for something to do on a vacation?  Here's an idea.
Alsace Lorraine Region Boasts Rich Beer History

GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 17 -- While Europe's finest beers are often associated with the fields of southern Germany, a few connoisseurs have discovered that a remarkable collection of beers has flowed freely for hundreds of years in the Alsace Lorraine region of northeastern France. With a little planning and a thirst for beer-related knowledge, travelers can get their fill with Michelin's two-day "beer tour" of France's easternmost region

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And the last thing for this week.  This post from Vinography is for your reading pleasure.

Oh Thank Heavens. The Media Got It Wrong.

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Remember a few weeks ago when the sky was falling? Well it turns out that it was just a piece of roofing tile all along. Thanks to Michael Steinberger, all those panicking art gallery owners can safely return to serving cheese cubes with their wine at parties again. It turns out that the now infamous study at U.C. Davis that determined that wine and cheese were incompatible actually found nothing of the sort. It was just a big misunderstanding between scientists and the media, which we all know happens all the time. What the scientists actually said was that mixing wine with cheese diminishes the intensities of some flavors in wine. That's all. What the media heard on the other end of the telephone was "Wine and cheese don't go well together."

I don't know about you, but I'm seriously relieved, and I'm sure the rest of the world that depends on scientists to tell them what tastes good and what doesn't are as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your cheeses, there is no danger to your wine whatsoever. The situation is under control.

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