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Thursday, March 23, 2006

American Bock - A lighter twist on the bock style. Lighter in body than a traditional bock, but not a light beer by far. Rich color, full malt flavor and authentic German hops make this one a "Shiner".
British Pale Ale - Among beer lovers and homebrewers alike, Pale Ale is the world's most popular beer style. This is a traditional Pale Ale with just the right amount of English hops to make this fine ale shine.
Irish Stout - This Dry Stout is black in color with a brown head, and is very full-bodied. It has a rich maltiness paired with a sharp bite from the roasted grains, and impressive hop profile.
London Porter - Porters are a black ale with loads of roasted flavor but without the sharp bite found in Stouts. This recipe has been a Home Brewery favorite for years. Black, rich and malty with a great hop profile of Cluster, Cascade, and Tettnanger.
Scots Brown Ale - This is one of the deliciously malty brews of Scotland with much more color, flavor, and body than a Pale Ale. Easy to make and quick to enjoy!
Wheat Beer - Traditional beer recipe brewed in the German tradition from wheat and barley. Great as a refreshing drink in warm weather, this beer style is known for its crisp, clove-like flavor.
Yellow Dog Ale - An American style Pale Ale that has won best of show in beer brewing competitions straight out of the box. A special blend of malt extracts and fermentables backed by a healthy dose of American hops such as Willamette and Cascade. A great Pale Ale beer recipe.


Note:  These kits are offered through and are sent out by The Home Brewery.  To order or to find out more information, click on the picture.

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