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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally the heat wave has ceased an it now comfortable enough in my office to work on the computer.  The experiment with making wine out of tea is coming along rather nicely.  It is designed to be a very short aged wine and I'll probably bottle it within the next week or 2.  At that time, I'll give you my recipe and you can give it a go.  My mint tea is ready to be racked over.  The most suprising thing about the mint tea, is that I used Lavlin D-47 yeast which is very low foaming.  Normally, when I make only a gallon, I have to use a blow-off tube because an airlock will bet hogged up.  But, with the D-47 yeast I was able to use just an airlock. 
A couple of neat things that I found while surfing the web are:
The 4 historic ales produced by the Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) sound very interesting.  The 1790 Root Beer looks like an experiment waiting to happen.  To read more about these beers, check out The Anchorage Press.
For those of you that enjoy watching or reading reviews on different wines, try the Wine Library.  If you don't already have the latest version of  Quicktime, you will need to download that first to watch the podcast.  View the Podcasts by clicking here. 

Maybe someday I'll start doing a few podcasts.  Let's hope not, I might be too ugly and scare people off.

For those of you thinking of buying a plastic carboy, check out the discussion on Beer

And finally, the last part of the Grape Wine Series will be posted next week.  Have a nice weekend, I plan on racking and drinking some fine homemade wine.

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