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Ten Essentials to Make Wine or Beer

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today is just one of those days. Between running to the hospital to visit my wife, work, and going to the viewing of a friend, it just seems like anything more will explode my one brain cell. So to take it easy on me, here is my list of ten essentials for making beer or wine.
Racking Cane - You need to be able to get it from point a to point b
Airlock - Helps to prevent fermenters from exploding and bad bacteria from spoiling your creation
Hydrometer - Needed so that you can gauge how much alcohol you have created
Fermenters - Can't quite make anything on the floor
Sanitizer - To kill any harmful bacteria
Water - To clean with, dilute must or wort if needed, and to make wort
Yeast - That little something that makes it into a drink
Juice/Malt - The fermentable stuff
Patience - Good things take time.
Spouse that will let you make your wine or beer - This is a must because it doesn't help if it disturbs the family

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