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Thanksgiving Vacation

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Aaah, Thanksgiving vacation. The one time of the year I really get to devote to my hobbies. I have plans for the next few days and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish them. After taking the kids to grandma's on Thursday, I'll have four days free to pursue a few experiments.

First up, I like Ian from
Home Winery Blog have run out of room. Seems like this is commonplace for us wine makers.

So the first order of business will be to bottle some strawberry wine from this past summer's batch. This should free up some room to rack over the concord for a few months of aging. I have some blueberry from March along with some concord from 2004 that I'll blend and bottle.
Then I'll finally be able to do an experiment. It seems that the peach from this year is really thin bodied. I'm planning on adding in some Welch's White Grape Peach Juice to add a little fullness. I've never had to do this so I'm hoping that it works. If not, it will end up being blended with something else.

The other grand experiment is making a gluten free beer. I have some sorghum malt along with corn syrup, corn meal, and molasses to mess with. This is one experiment that I have been waiting to try for the past few months. Just not enough time in the day.

Lastly, I hope to make a barleywine for you beer lover's. Last year's batch topped out around 15% alcohol because of using wine yeast. Still debating on whether to use wine yeast or beer yeast.

Well anyways, have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep on fermenting.


Ian Scott said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Up here in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October but I'll likely raise a glass of something to my neighbours to the south and give thanks for all my wines! :)


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