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Monday, November 07, 2005

Went to the monthly wine club meeting and enjoyed some very nice wines. I still think the best wines are those that are made and shared by the amateur wine maker. You always tend to get their best wine when they share it. Our local club holds its meeting at the local winery ( and usually everyone brings some wine and food. This evening there was a Merlot made from Chilean juice that was fairly young, but not bad tasting. An apple spiced wine that had a hint of cinnamon. The best though was the sour cherry wine. Very clear and very smooth tasting for something that was only about 5 months old. If I could buy it I would.

I encourage you, if you are just starting out in wine making, to find a local club. I always pick up a lot of tips from others to improve my wine. And besides, the tasting part is always fun. Give it a try.



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