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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Occasionally, I like to share some posts from other blogs that have me listed on their blogroll. For me, it allows me to see what is going on in the world of wine. Besides, sometimes it is more fun to read what other people are writing. So enjoy these four excerpts and if you want to read more, just click on the links.

2002 Bonny Doon Madiran Heart of Darkness

In anticipation of a steak for dinner, I stopped by a newly remodeled wine shop in the area and picked up a bottle of the 2002 Bonny Doon Madiran Heart of Darkness . I hadn't seen or heard of it before. I do love Bonny Doon wines, but they're a little scarce around here. The label bore blood-spattered designs by the great Ralph Steadman , as well as a map on the back that was similarly spattered. It seemed to point to an area in France near the Spanish border, but there was no other information.
Read More at Wine by Benito

Wine Producer Switches to Screw Caps

This is definitely interesting: the Quinta do Cotto vineyard is switching from cork to aluminum bottle caps . Considering pretty much all cork comes from Portugal, this is a pretty gutsy move for him. Miguel Champalimaud, the owner of the vineyard, doesn't seem to say anything about whether corks or better or not for wine. Instead, he seems only to say that the move would save about 25 cents per bottle and that cork prices are now too high.
Read More at Days That End in Y

Put Down That Glass Of Wine. It Might Be Bad For You.

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My dad has been slowly switching from beer to wine. I'd like to say it's my influence, but I can hardly take full credit. Certainly one of the motivating factors has been all the great health news about drinking red wine in moderation. I used to keep track of all the health benefits of red wine, but they got so numerous that I had to stop, otherwise I would be reporting several new ones per week. Literally. One of the longest standing research results about red wine's health properties has been its benefits for the heart, specifically it's tendency to... continue reading . at Vinography

Don't know Bordeaux? Check out

OK, so you've heard about how complicated learning old-world wines is, right? I personally, even after over a decade of enjoy and learning, have TONS to learn about old-world wines. And, admittedly, I will ask the sommelier for recommendations on those wines, particularly French, because I'll spend a couple bills Verre_de_vinon a wine to go with a dinner but I'm not going to waste that on a "guess". This frustration with old-world wines and learning the regions makes the learning curve even longer (at least for me).

Read More at Vivi's Wine Journal

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