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Winemaking Terms - Mousy to Mute

Monday, April 24, 2006

An disagreeable odor in wines made from late-harvested grapes or low-acid musts and caused by bacteria.
Muscovado Sugar:
A British specialty brown sugar, very dark brown, with a particularly strong molasses flavor. The crystals are slightly coarser and stickier in texture than "regular" brown sugar. Also know as Barbados Sugar.


The combination of basic ingredients, both solid and liquid, from which wine is made. The liquid content of must is called liquor or simply juice, while the solids, when pushed to the surface by rising carbon dioxide, is called the cap. When the alcohol content reaches 8 or 9%, the liquid component is more accurately referred to as wine.


French for stopping fermentation.

A partially fermented grape juice whose fermentation has been stopped deliberately. This juice is then used to sweeten or body-fortify another wine.

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