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Winemaking Terms - Pateux to Perle

Thursday, April 27, 2006


French for pasty, sticky. A wine of thick substance which fills the mouth and seems to stick to the palate.

Pectic Enzyme :
The enzymes such as pectinase that hydrolyze the large pectin molecules.


A heavy, colloidal substance found in most ripe fruit which promotes the formation of gelatinous solutions and hazes in the finished wine. Fermenting fruit pulps with high pectin content, such as apples, should be treated with pectic enzyme, especially if the pulp is boiled to extract the fruit flavor (boiling releases the pectin, while pectic enzymes destroy it).


An enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of pectin molecules.


A spicy odor sometimes found in white table wines and perhaps related to sub-threshold sulfur dioxide. Not considered a fault unless excessive.


French term for a lightly effervescent wine, less than pétillant. Mead

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