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Winemaking Terms - Faded to Field Blend

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boy did I find out something on the last 4 posts.   Anything more than 7 terms on a post and the post is a mile long.  So, it looks like there will be several weeks of posting winemaking terms along with regular content.  Hey, I'm human, so I'm bound to make mistakes.

Descriptor for a wine that has suffered insipient oxidation -- i.e. has passed its prime and is declining in quality.
The process of yeast acting upon sugar to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Fermentation Bottle:
Sometimes called the secondary fermentation vessel, a fermentation bottle is a shouldered, small-mouthed glass jug or carboy in which the liquor or juice is placed to complete fermentation under a fermentation trap.
Fermentation Media:
The pulp or other solid material from which wine will be made. Fermentation media differs from must in that the must is the media, the water, the yeast, and all other ingredients mixed together, while the fermentation media more narrowly refers to the crushed grapes, chopped raisins, pulped peaches, cracked wheat, or other material used either for flavoring, natural sugar content, or both. It is also called the base ingredient or wine base.
Fermentation Trap:
A glass or plastic device designed to use water as an insulator to protect the fermentation media from contamination and exposure to fresh air, while at the same time allowing carbon dioxide produced by the yeast to escape the fermentation vessel. Also called an air lock, bubbler or airlock.
Field Blend:
The practice of planting a vineyard with several grape varieties which are harvested together and all contribute to a common wine. Similarly, the mixing of grapes before the crush to constitute a field blend must

Source: Jack Keller

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