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Winemaking Terms - Gassy to Green

Saturday, April 08, 2006


A wine with carbonation, usually produced by a secondary fermentation in the bottle, but also unexpectedly and unintentionally produced by malo-lactic (bacterial) or alcohol (yeast) fermentation.


A fault caused by sorbic acid degeneration, characterized by the odor of geraniums. The offending compound is 2-ethoxy-hexa-3,5-diene.


One of two simple fermentable sugars in grapes and other fruit, the other being fructose. Glucose is approximately half as sweet as fructose.


A colorless, odorless, slightly sweet, syrupy substance produced naturally during fermentation that gives the palate an impression of smoothness in a wine. Also known as glycerine.


A long bag of finely woven net-like material (mesh) used for suspending grain or other fermentation media in liquid during fermentation to ease the removal of the solids later. Grain-bags come in various mesh and sizes and can be used in lieu of a jelly-bag for straining the solid fermentaion media from the wine.


An odor of wine made from unripe grapes and often associated with high acidity. The term "green," however, is just confined to the odor.

Source: Jack Keller

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