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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Boy, I really must be a neophyte in the winemaking hobby.  I was looking at Jack Keller's site about the different sugars that can be used in wine making.  28 different varieties, count 'em, 28!!!
Personally, I only knew about 5 or 6 different varieties, so boy do I really feel stupid.  This webpage is one that you should bookmark because it is a great reference.
I plan on using Sugar in The Raw in my next batch of wine  I'm not too sure how it will ferment out, so i'll try it on 1 gallon batch.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
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Ian Scott said...

That looks pretty close to what we call "Demerara Sugar" - and you might want to try it in small batches (gallon size wines) as I've found it has left a very brown color in my ginger wine.

I expected the ginger wine to have a brown tint - but this is VERY brown - and I'm thinking the demerara sugar has caused this, but I'm not sure.

I'd be interested to hear how your experiments work out.


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