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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here is a technique that Ian from The Home Winery just discovered.  I have been using this technique for a couple years with a lot of success and his write up on it says it better than I can.
January 15th, 2006 by Ian

The other day, I overfilled a 3 gallon carboy after racking from a primary. My housemate happened to walk in while I was gently dipping my wine thief into the carboy, trying carefully to not overflow the liquid. She watched me as I did this several times, each time, drawing a very small amount of wine from the carboy.

Wendy then said, “Ian, wouldn’t you be better off using a turkey baster?”

Holy smokes… I went and sanitized the turkey baster and did what I wanted to do in mere seconds. Furthermore, I realized that a turkey baster is much handier for drawing liquid from the carboy for any activity that a wine thief would be used. Just squeeze the bulb on top, put the end of the baster in, release the bulb, and wine gets sucked up much faster than using a thief. As well, it doesn’t drip as much at the bottom end either, after drawing it out of the wine.

Try it yourself sometime

Thanks Ian!!!

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