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Oak Leaf Wine

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Here is a strange one.  Oak leaf wine?  I wonder if you can use maple leafs?  This will be one to try this summer.
  • 1 gallon oak or walnut leaves
  • 2 lb sugar
  • 2 tsp citric acid
  • 1 gallon water
  • yeast and nutrient

bring 6 pints of water to boil and dissolve the sugar in it.when sugar is fully dissolved pour ,still boiling, over leaves. let sit overnight and the next day strain into a fermenting jar. add citric acid,nutrient and yeast.shake well. top up with cold water. let it ferment until finished. rack when clear and again in 2 months.

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xmundt said...

Greetings and Salutations...

I would recommend that the oak leaves for this be gathered very early in the season (when they are 3/4" or smaller). Otherwise the tannins in the leaves will make a liquid good for preserving hides, but, not so good for drinking.


dave mundt


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