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Peach Brandy Recipe

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I bought an old Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe book about 4 years ago and found this recipe for a peach brandy.  The recipe will make 1 quart and looks like you should make it in August.
Pits and skins from 20 peaches
1 cup sugar
2 cups hot water
Fill a quart jar with pits and skins (make sure that you wash the peaches before peeling).  Make a medium sugar syrup.  Pour boiling sugar syrup over peach skins and pits to within 1 inch from the top.  Seal.  Bury 8 inches underground until Christmas.  If possible put hay in the hole and around the jar.  Strain and serve.

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born2die said...

Thanks for the recipe, hope it works. Have you tried it yourself?

Ben said...

Personally, I haven't tried it. A wine making buddy has and he had mixed results. Might want to try adding a little peach juice to help with the fermentation.

Anonymous said...

The recipe I have is the same as this one, except it uses the peaches themselves instead of the skins and pits. And you eat the peaches also.

Deedavis said...

I like this drink. Thanks for the recipe. I am going to give this a shot. Great peach brandy recipe.

Kristie from Ga said...

I think I'll try this sunds tasty..

Paula said...

Should the peaches be blanched before peeling or would this effect the final product?

John said...

I am making this now. However i am using 8 whole peaches for flavor as well. I did have some sugar mixture left so i did a small batch of Strawberry brandy as well. I will let yall know in Dec.

trapperhoney said...

i would not recommend using peach pits in your brandy. peach pits contain arsenic and should not be taken internally as they are highly poisonous.

dvldg77 said...

trapperhoney, FYI the arsenic in peach seeds does have arsenic but it is only active when it comes into contact with a certain type of protein which coats the outside of cancer cells. Peach seeds are good for you to eat. They may not taste good but are good for you, and everything that tastes good may not be good for you, have a great day.

dvldg77 said...

Trapperhoney, FYI, peach seeds do contain arsenic but it is a type of arsenic that is only activated when it comes into contact with a protein that covers cancer cells. Vitamin B17 baby. It is the silver bullet the cancer industry does not want you to know about because it is cheap. Do a little research on this.

Debbie Dockens said...

i made this July of 2011, just strained & tried it today, 11/20/12. Very nice! taste is sweet, i filtered through cheesecloth. Just wish I had made more this year while canning! Thanks for the Recipe.


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