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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


New World vs. Old World

I got this in my email today from  Thought It would be interesting to pass along.
So there you are at the home of a friend and he decides to serve you a wine and have you guess where it’s from. Short of blind luck, is there any way to actually come close to the right answer? Yes. Determine if it’s Old World or New World wine. The Old World is made up of all the wine-producing regions of Europe. The New World comprises everyplace else.
In general, Old World wines have: In general, New World wines have:
Lower alcohol Higher alcohol
Sleek, lean body Full body
High acidity Low acidity
Less oaky flavors Profound oaky flavors
Nonfruit flavors (tar, minerals, leather, damp earth, and so on) Fruit flavors (raspberry, blackberry, and so on)

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